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Why Choose Ultimar

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Ultimar products are manufactured in the United States (no after-market manufacturing). They meet and/or exceed all EPA and industry standards.

Ultimar’s exterior formula will assist in the protection against environmental impact to all painted surfaces and fiberglass surfaces. These include, weather induced fading, damage incurred by the sun, such as loss of gloss, oxidation, fading, and damage from UV exposure. As well as the hazards that occur from bird droppings, insect damage including love bugs, tree sap, acid rain, industrial fallout, road de-icing agents, road salt, hard water etching, and accidental paint overspray.

Ultimar’s Interior protection product will aid in the prevention from oil and water based spills and stains, accidental dye transfer, rips cuts, burns, and punctures, UV exposure, and temperature extremes. Ultimar’s EPA registered Anti- Microbial is eco friendly, VOC FREE, and is your only non poisonous safe line of defense that will prevent bacterial growth on interior surfaces, and inhibit odors, molds, mildews, and fungi infestation.

Ultimar products offer:

  • One time product application, no reapplications needed to maintain warranty
  • No claim or dollar limits on valid claims for warranty life, with zero deductibles
  • Timely claim authorizations
  • 24/7 customer service, claim/customer service agents are always USA based
  • Transferable warranty to next titled owner with no transfer fees
  • Ultimar warranty can be renewed for additional (3) years
  • Underwritten by A+ rated insurance carrier
  • All claims administered by Ultimar
  • National technician network for claims
  • Utilize your home dealer approved technicians
  • Mobile technician services available