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What is Ultimar Inc?

Ultimar Inc is a surface protection system, containing a line of high quality products and exceptional service. Our products are guaranteed to limit inevitable future damages to your vehicle’s various surface types, when applied by a professional technician. Select programs are backed by available warranties.

Where can I purchase the Ultimar Inc Surface Protection System (SPS)?

You can purchase and have our Surface Protection System applied at any authorized dealer. For a list of authorized dealers near you, please contact Ultimar Inc customer service at 800-243-3272.

After I have Ultimar Inc SPS applied to my vehicle, will my vehicle's surfaces require special maintenance?

No. Only standard regular maintenance is required. It is recommended to vacuum and wash your vehicle once every two to four weeks, or as needed. Spills and stain causing elements should be cleared and cleaned from the interior immediately. A hand or touchless wash with Wash N Wax soap and drying with a chamois after washing should be sufficient for normal use. For best results we recommend using the Granitize Family of Products for all care and maintenance. Many items are located on our web site at

Do I need to wax my vehicle?

No. Ultimar Inc SPS outperforms wax, which can quickly degrade and provide less favorable results. If you would like to add an extra barrier of protection we recommend a non-abrasive Carnauba Wax to be applied by hand only. For best results we recommend using the Granitize Family of Products for all care and maintenance. Please visit our shop for our various lines of maintenance, detailing, and cleaning products.

How long does Ultimar last?

The lifetime of Ultimar Inc SPS varies based on geographical location, weather conditions, and use of the vehicle. With proper care and maintenance Ultimar Inc SPS can exceed the term of your contract.

What can I use to clean my interior?

Interior fabric and carpet can be cleaned with any upholstery foam cleaner. Do not use any products containing bleach, such as Resolve or other common household product. Be sure to check the list of ingredients on any product before use. Leather can be cleaned with any leather cleaner. Application of a leather conditioner is necessary after cleaning.

For best results we recommend using the Granitize Family of Products for all care and maintenance. Please visit our shop for information on our various lines of maintenance, detailing, and cleaning products.

What does my warranty cover?

The specific coverages for your contract are detailed on the warranty contract received through your authorized dealer upon purchase of the vehicle. If you are unable to locate your warranty, you may contact our Customer Service Department by calling 800-243-3272 or emailing us at You will need to provide us with either the warranty number or last 6 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and your last name.

Can I renew my warranty?

Yes. You can return to an authorized dealer at the end of the coverage period to purchase an additional contract with a new application of the product. Term lengths are determined by the mileage and condition of the vehicle and its surface at the time of the purchase or extension of the Ultimar Inc SPS. A maximum 3-year term may be issues.

Can I cancel my warranty?

Ultimar Inc SPS is a product application that cannot be removed once applied, and cannot be canceled or refunded. If you no longer have possession of the vehicle and do not wish to transfer the remainder term of your contract to another party, you may contact Ultimar Customer service at at 800-243-3272 to terminate the contract. All contract termination requests are reviewed and decided on a case-by-case basis. Ultimar Inc holds the right to deny any contract termination for any reason.

Can I transfer my warranty?

Yes. You may transfer the remaining term of your warranty to the first subsequent owner at no cost. Simply provide the new owner with the original contract. Attached to the original contract you will find the contract transfer card. The new owner must fill out the transfer card with their information, then mail it to Ultimar Inc Attn: Warranty Dept. 11011 Vulcan Street, South Gate, CA 90280. You can also click here to submit the form online. Contracts and warranties may not be transferred from one vehicle to another, as the contract and warranty cover the initial product and application at the time of purchase only.

Who do I contact to file a claim?

You can file a claim any time on our website by clicking here. Or by contacting Ultimar Customer Service at 800-243-3272 or 630-387-7551.

Who is the Granitize Family of Products?

Established in 1930, the Granitize Family of Products was known as Groves Granitize. The company originally served as a provider of quality paste wax to improve the detailing process for the rapidly growing automotive industry. Shortly after opening its doors Groves Granitize developed the first electrical orbital buffer system. For the first time in automotive history polishes and waxes could be applied with ease and more effectively using an electric powered buffer and pad.

Today the Granitize Family of Products has grown to include an iconic collection of global brands, including Granitize Products, TR Industries, Gel-Gloss, Sea Power, and Ultimar Inc. These trusted brands have grown to provide expansive product lines to the automotive, marine, aviation, motorcycle, residential, and power sport markets.

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