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1930-1956: The Beginning – Groves Granitize Era

Granitize Products Inc and its affiliated brands have been the leader in manufacturing quality automotive, marine, aviation, motorcycle, home, and power sport products for the past 86 years!

Granitize Products was established in 1930, under the original name, Groves Granitize. For the first 30 years, Groves Granitize focused its energy on creating quality chemicals to efficiently and effectively improve the detailing and appearance of new and used vehicles. Groves Granitize is also responsible for the inception of the first electrical orbital buffer system.

1956-1960’s: The Original Raymondo Brothers Get To Work

In 1954, Tony Raymondo Sr. was 17 years old when he was hired as the Groves Granitize janitor. For the next 30 years, Tony Sr. worked his way up through the rankings.

1960’s-1980’s: The TR Industries Era

In the 1960’s, the Groves Granitize team had over 30 years of professional maintenance product manufacturing experience under their belt and decided it was time to expand their expertise by creating a line of mold release products headed by Tony Raymondo Sr. The breakthrough product line was launched under a new name, TR Industries. The creation of TR Industries has since led the company to produce professional quality compounds, releases, and polishes that are designed to ensure the best finish possible. Over the years, TR Industries quickly became a nationally distributed brand and has expanded to include a multitude of products that cover a variety of surfaces, targeted specifically at the manufacturing industry and the marine and residential markets.

1980-2004: The Father and Sons Era

Merely three years after purchasing the company, Tony Sr. set his sights on establishing the Granitize name as a global brand. Recognizing the need to expand, Tony Sr. brought in his two sons, Tony Raymondo and Marty Raymondo in to learn the industry and assist in the company’s growth.

With Tony Jr. heading sales and Marty heading operations and product development, the father and sons team created a line of preventative maintenance products to improve the quality and the duration of a vehicle, not just the appearance. The product line included an array of products to help support and maintain everything from the engine quality, to the brakes, to the climate control systems.

2004-2015: The X Company Era

By the mid 1990’s the new product line and its trusted predecessors were being shipped around the world and transcended into new markets including marine, power sport, recreational vehicles, aviation, and home.

As a partner and founder of Xzilon, Marty served as the company’s Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President of Operations, CEO, and President. Marty also worked to develop the brand’s well known aviation and RV products prior to 2015.

Marty was presented with the opportunity to expand the product lines into various industries, he decided to present the ideas to his business partners. It was decided then that Xzilon Inc would continue to do what they do best. They would continue to serve the automobile industry while Marty developed a new brand, and a new way of doing things.

And with that, Ultimar Inc was born.

2015-2016: The Ultimar Inc Era

In 2016, the “Granitize Family of Products” expanded once again by launching a new company, Ultimar Inc. Under the supervision of Martin Raymondo, Ultimar Inc was created to provide various industries with the top surface protection system to date. As the youngest company in the Granitize Family of Products, Ultimar Inc targets automobile, aviation, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, marine, off-road vehicles and home. What sets Ultimar Inc apart is not only the high quality of their products, but the team’s forward thinking approach that allows them to better serve clients, consumers, agents, and dealers. With three generations, grandfather, father and son, Ultimar and the Granitize Family of Products benefit from the knowledge and life long experience.

The “Granitize Family of Products” can be found in various retailers including, Lowes, Home Depot, Camping World, Big Lots, Wal-Mart, and Ace Hardware. As you can see, the almost a century history is rich with innovation and ingenuity. Their forward thinking and breakthrough products have ultimately led to the success of the prestigious global brands. The Granitize Family of Products team continues to seek out and develop new technologies, products, and services daily with no intention of slowing down.

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