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Whether you own a RV Dealership on the Jersey shore, or an RV Park in central Minnesota, you’ve experienced the challenges of the dreaded off-season. After your peak season ends, a stretch of slow business begins, and your website, park or store front become ghost towns. Plus, who’s to say this season’s customers will remember you when the next season rolls around? It’s a bummer of a thought, to be sure.

But don’t allow seasonal slumps to get you down! Instead of sitting around and waiting for your peak period to start once more, use this valuable time for advertising! That’s right, seasonal marketers which think long-term and use their off-season time wisely can help tee their particular RV Businesses up for when peak season begins again. Here’s what you need to be thinking about to keep your RV Business on campers minds year round.

Grow Your Databases While the Year’s Still Very Hot

During your peak season, your website and placement (if you have 1) will be abuzz. So while you’re conducting business as usual – or running around being a chicken along with your head cut off, as the circumstance may be – be cognizant of the opportunity you have now to grow your database. You know, while everyone is out. Getting a robust list of earlier customers and campers who’ve expressed interest in your RV Business will enable you to stay on top of thoughts during the off-season, and also convert fresh leads in to customers in your next season.

Ensure your website provides plenty of calls-to-action (CTAs) for individuals to stay in touch with you by subscribing to an email list or perhaps a blog, as well as some gifts that they can get for being a faithful customer of yours, off-season or not. A few ideal areas for these CTAs are on your blog, your homepage, your product/service pages, your resource page, and in your social profiles. Remember, expanding this list is really much easier when you have plenty of traffic, so while it may seem formidable to add database growth to your ever-expanding list of high season to-dos, your off-season success hinges on your productivity during this time.

Gather Customer Reviews

During your peak season, however particularly since your season wraps up (and heck, even after it has concluded entirely), you ought to be asking your visitors to review your service. By gathering customer stories and recommendations when they’re fresh, you will have reviews which can be more detailed and that will resonate with off-season customers.

Think about it – envision waiting for the train over a blistery, snowy evening, and thinking about the summer when you were in the exact same spot waiting for the exact same train so that you could head home and pack up your RV and go to the new Best RV Park you were planning for weeks. Having a sense of nostalgia a-brewin’, you search on your phone for that Best RV Park to determine what they’re up to during the off-season, also to figure out any time they’ll be available again for camping fun. And up pops, with any luck , a ton of reviews from happy campers who have enjoyed the Best RV Park in years past.

This is the kind of experience you want to bring out for your guests and customers during the off-season, and the best way to have it is through reviews! Use those stories in your off-season for your email marketing, blog posts, and also social media – in all your off-season promotions. For an extra boost, ask people to submit pictures and video clips from their experience with your business, or you could even ask to be able to video them for a review when they just bought their RV. The more natural and interesting content you can get from your customers, the greater your off-season marketing and advertising campaigns will be.

If you’d like more help collecting awesome reviews, then be sure to take a tour of our reputation system.

Off-season or not, it is important for you to produce exceptional content. But if you’re an off-season marketer, try to find a way to do it with a suitable off-season twist. As an example, let’s say you have a campground up North. Winter months could be tough. But that does not mean you can’t still create compelling content that may speak to your target campers!

gather-customer-reviewJust because your target audience cant utilize your campground right this very minute, doesn’t mean they wont benefit from and be interested in what you have to offer. If you create helpful content of this nature that speaks to your target campers, you’ll build solid relationships via your posts that will support you during the off-season, and carry over to your peak season attracting not only familiar faces, but new faces with whom you’ve obtained a following because of your fantastic content.


Stay Social All Year

Your visitors don’t completely disappear during the off-season. Its important to stay in contact with customers and past campers throughout the entire year. Consider social media your virtual, year-round storefront – because even if your customer aren’t chillin’ at your campground or visiting your website, they are certainly perusing their social media feeds! That means your RV Camping Business must look into leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest’, the whoooole shebang to stay on the front of their mind year-round. You need to be using this real-estate to offer special discounts, gather (as well as publish) reviews, share your new content that you are publishing, run contests and also polls, and also generate excitement for the next season.

Keep In Touch Via E-mail, Too

But do so respectfully. Remember, if it’s the off-season, that your own email communications will probably be less frequent than they would be during your peak season – and that’s alright. Just be sure you happen to be delivering high-value information to their in-boxes that keeps you on their mind come peak season.

Produce Off-Season Hype

Because people can not snowshoe in the summer, or you have a smaller sized audience seeking to wear the trendy sunlight hats within the dead of winter, does not mean you can’t obtain people excited about your business. When it’s 90 diplomas out the ones are concealing in the tone dreaming of chillier days, what better time to begin a snowshoe selling? And on the other side, I obstacle you to find anybody embroiled inside a blistery snow surprise that isn’t going through the slush, considering when it’s going to be warm enough to pop on a single of your fashionable sun caps. If your content material plays after the excitement of products to by giving early bird offers, off-season discounts, that sort of point – you can bet you’ll have an audience excitedly planning the time they can take advantage of your products and providers again!

Do you have any off season tips?